About Us

Meet Our FOunder

 The mind is a very powerful tool. You have to believe in your goal to achieve it! Essentially, your mental attitude and approach to your training and diet are vital to your success. David Massucco is a professional personal trainer with over 40 years of experience. He has been a competitive lifetime natural bodybuilder for over 30 years. He has also been a judge for multiple prestigious bodybuilding contests. He has seen and judged some of the best physiques in the world.

Meet the owners

Yvette and Scott started working out as a couple in 2016, when Dave opened the 268 location. In 2018, Yvette started working for Muzz’s Gym. She dreamed of running a gym together with Scott, and when Muzz began looking to retire, Yvette’s dream soon became reality. “We wanted to give to our community in a way that truly helped. Dare to dream a dream that scares you or it is not big enough.”

Our Facility

Muzz’s Gym offers a wide selection of equipment you can use to create the body you desire. From free weights and machines to squat racks and a green field, Muzz’s Gym is equipped to help you reach your goals. We also include an area for cardio as well as a boxing area. Muzz’s Gym also features Wilkes Combat Club in the front of the gym. If you are looking to learn or refine your skills in Boxing or Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, WCC is the best place to be!

A 24-hour door is available for gym members! Learn more by visiting the front desk!